The new building of the kindergarten number 33 on the 90 seats opened in Nakhodka

The queue at the preschool Finds reduced by 90 seats. So many kids took the new building of the municipal kindergarten number 33 on the street Senyavina, which was officially opened on the first day of October.

The new building has contained four groups of 90 kids between the ages of two and four years. Including the opening speech therapy group. Given this 33th day care center has become one of the largest in Nakhodka — it is now visited by 250 children.   


Until the end of the year will be put first four groups of kindergarten number 50 on the street Soviet, and in 2013, the large-scale construction works will be completed in Livadia. Everything was done — from the roof, new floors and facade to replace windows, doors, utilities. By depositing the housing fully equipped with furniture, housewares and soft items, landscaped neighborhood.



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