The new building of the Lyceum № 1524 in Printers SEAD Moscow

The new building of the Lyceum № 1524, the construction of which began in 2010, will be fully ready for the August 20, 2012 and will open for students on September 1. The building was built to the standard design and is designed for 550 seats.

In 2012, the city of Moscow is planned to complete construction of 14 objects of general secondary and secondary vocational education in 7027 places, including 11 schools in 6345 places the block primary school for 350 college with 300 seats, a children’s home for 32.

In addition, to be built 76 kindergartens (in January-July, 31 completed kindergarten).

In preparation for the new school year sees the overhaul and repair of schools, landscaping, creation of sports facilities, supply of computer and other equipment. For this purpose from the city‘s budget allocated 27 billion rubles.

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