The new building of the rehabilitation center for the police opened in Vologda

In Vologda opened a new building health of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Vologda region — healing lodges for the police. This is a truly momentous event for the Vologda region — centers equipped with the latest medical equipment, including a full range of rehabilitation measures of regenerative medicine, in the North West is no more.

September 4th center began its work in full.

The need to build a rehabilitation center for law enforcement officers came to the area in the late 90’s when the police were coming back from the "hot spots" with psychological injuries. Three years ago, thanks to the persistence of physicians Regional Department of Internal Affairs, these plans have been launched with the support of regional authorities.

Chairman of the Legislative Assembly George Shevtsov believes that this center will enable the police to quickly return to duty. "Our police are very complicated, hard and risky work. And investments in rehabilitation, investment in treatment — is an investment in health. Because everything depends on people. It was in the medical unit of our regional management MIA great team, a great chief doctor who cares and is doing much ", — He said.

The main task of separation — Treatment and Rehabilitation of states that do not require medical treatment. On the day of medical institution can take from 70 to 100 people. At the same hospital at the same time can be up to 17,000 people.

Center, whose construction began in 2011 and at first was conducted by the regional funds, and in the future — the federal budget, appeared on the site of the old registry office. During its construction were used the most modern technology and architectural ideas. Thus, the new building and is located next to the main building of the medical unit it joined the transition is made of glass.

The main center of the patients will be police officers, who returned from the hot spots, and veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For these two stories adapted institutions, which is department of rehabilitation with a capacity of up to 100 people per shift.

Among experts, the leading outpatient care, the state provides massage therapists, clinical psychologists, neurologists, physicians and therapists. At the department presented the full range of rehabilitation measures for regenerative medicine using physical therapy, massage, and traditional methods of treatment. There is a swimming pool, there is an opportunity for hydro massage, a treatment plan with the use of leeches. The center is equipped with a salt chamber, where the impact on the patient will be with silence, peace and a special microclimate. And the third floor is used for the expansion of beds hospital medical unit, there will be able to receive treatment from the staff areas.

"I’ve been to many spas, seen a lot, but there are a lot of things that previously did not have to see me. Very good. Pleasantly surprised that we have the opportunity to try it all. So I was very pleased with himself and his comrades’,- Said a member of the Board of Veterans of Internal Affairs Michael hooves.

Speaker SBV George Shevtsov also thanked the builders for a beautiful building, which appeared on the waterfront of the Vologda River.

"Thanks to the builders, because the building is a jewel of the waterfront Vologda. The challenge now will be to equip the embankment, so that people can walk through it ", — The chairman of the SOA.

The opening ceremony of the new housing rehabilitation traditionally ended with the award of the symbolic key chief medical unit and cutting red tape.



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