The new buses have 30 schools of the Orenburg region

Nov. 10 ceremony was held school bus area.


30 schools Adamovsky, Ai, Dombarovsky, Kvarkensky, Pershamaiski and ten districts of the Orenburg region have new comfortable buses to transport children within a set of measures to modernize the general education at the expense of the federal budget.


The acquisition of a comfortable, specially adapted buses to transport children would address the transportation of their children to support the school, and give them the opportunity to participate in various contests, competitions, visit exhibitions, museums, concerts.

Buses will operate between municipalities, they are designed to shuttle children from the communities where the schools either exists or it organizes training from 1 to class 4. In the near future 47 gazelles will be handed to representatives of schools to carry a small number of children.
Until the end of the current school year, bus park area will be refilled with new equipment for 100 units.

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