The new cement brand

CJSC "Oskolcement" the first of the enterprises included in the "EUROCEMENT group" started production of a new type of cement CEM I 42.5 B. Thus the company has expanded the range of products up to 5 types of cement. The new brand, the corresponding regulatory requirements of GOST 31108-2003 and GOST 30515-97, certified by the certification of products in the construction of "BelGTASM-certification", Belgorod.

 "The launch of a new type of cement — is another step towards our customers. It is important to note that the new cement vidoklass we managed to get on the already existing equipment. The new brand has traditionally been high for "EUROCEMENT group" level of quality and is ideal for monolithic construction, so a large batch of products the ships of the contractor, engaged in the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi, "- said the technical director of" Oskolcement "Vladimir soot.

Production of Portland cement CEM I 42, 5 B is on a cement mill number 6, which is tuned to a given particle size distribution and fineness. From the beginning, it produced more than 15 million tons of cement.

"Obtaining a Certificate of Compliance for Portland cement CEM I 42,5 B, issued by an independent certification body, is a testament to the fact that" Oskolcement "takes care of the company’s reputation in producing high quality cement. Release of the new brand will strengthen the position of the company in the cement market, and to attract new customers, "- said Ph.D., assistant professor of cement technology and composite materials BSTU. VG Shukhov Larissa Schelokova.

Background on "EUROCEMENT group"

"EUROCEMENT group" — an international, vertically integrated industrial holding, is the leader of the Russian production of construction materials.

"EUROCEMENT group" is the eighth largest cement companies in the world, comprises 16 cement factories in Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, as well as plants for the production of concrete, reinforced concrete, quarries and non-metallic materials and industrial construction.

Production capacity beforenIt brought the Holding is 40.0 million tons of cement, 10 million m3 of concrete. Stocks of non-metallic materials for the extraction of carbonate rocks with total explored reserves amount to over 2.8 billion tons, mining granite reserves — about 1.8 billion tons

In December 2012 "EUROCEMENT group" launched a new plant for the production of cement "dry" method in the Voronezh region, designed to produce 3 million tons of cement per year. The share of cement production "dry" method increased from 13% to 25% of the total production of the Holding.

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