The new clinic will open in the villages of Nenets Autonomous Okrug

In the eastern district town on the coast of the Kara Sea has opened a new health care facility. Earlier clinic was located in an area of 100 square meters. The new one-story building in the wooden performance — is 640 square meters, on which the specialists’ offices, pharmacy, laboratory. For almost 700 residents of Ust-Kara is a good gift in the Year of Health, announced in the Nenets Autonomous District in 2012.

— This is not the first such facility built recently in the area, — commented on the event Deputy Chief of Staff for Social Affairs NAO Olga Bartashova. — In October, opened a clinic in the village Nelmin nose, in January this year — Telviska today — Ust-Kara. All three buildings of the same type. They completely cover the needs of the people in the health services that can be delivered on-site. Many health issues can now be addressed without going to Vorkuta, where people traditionally go Ust-Kara. Outpatient almost completely ready — in early March will bring some of the furniture and can work with.

the building of a new clinic in the village Nelmin Nose 


The survey population will mainly carry out a medical team from the district capital. Here, for these are all conditions.

— Ust-Kara, in the truest sense of the word located on the edge of the land has not been forgotten — said at the opening ceremony of the clinic Igor Fedorov. — We have agreed with OAO "Gazprom" on the construction of the new building is kindergarten. The company devotes to it 180 million rubles.

Here in the ambulatory residents of the village were able to ask questions of the management district. One of the most pressing — the lack of jobs. Part of the problem is solved with the discovery of the items being built fish processing fish processing plant. Now the entire catch goes to Vorkuta, which can be reached in a few hours. Head of the settlement area of housing and communal Vladimir Timofeev lifted to the governor issue of lack of storage facilities of the road transport — Ust-Kara needs a new garage, as Store the machine in the open air on the banks of the Kara Sea — not the case. Igor Fyodorov examined hangar at the diesel power plant, which is still kept part of the vehicle fleet. The proposal, according to the governor, is really relevant, and the District necessarily be connected to the issue, as well as the proposal of Vladimir Timofeev about raising funds to complete the construction of the chapel.


In addition, the district authorities are willing to consider financing of housing construction in Ust-Kara and school boarding. Also coming soon to the district administration held a meeting with the SEC "Red October" on interaction with Kara village council. According to the head of the municipality Eugenia Amelichkinoy, collective leadership today, receiving funding from the district budget is not involved in the life of the village.

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