The new company car components appeared in Leningrad region

In Ivangorod earned plant electrical distribution systems for Korean cars. He became the first large company discovered in the area in the last ten years.

The new owners have invested $ 38 million, of which seventeen were spent to purchase the land from the owner and the construction of infrastructure, and the rest — purchased. The company‘s products in the amount of one hundred thousand sets of wiring harnesses each year, will be delivered to the new Korean car enterprise in St. Petersburg.

The emergence of Korean factory due to the strengthening of the position of Korean manufacturers in the Northwestern Federal District. We recall that a few weeks ago in St. Petersburg opened an industrial park, which will run auto parts manufacturers from South Korea. At this point in the park running seven production companies that will provide the Koreans level of localization of a forty-five percent. The potential capacity of the plants — four thousand pieces a year. Autobuilder himself, who discovered the plant in September of this year and has already become a leader in the localization of production plans in 2011 to increase output by fifty percent.

Ivangorod — a small town on the Russian-Estonian border, located 150 kilometers west of St. Petersburg. In the seventies, in Ivangorod housed branches of major Leningrad plants, including "Lenpoligrafmash" — the former city-forming enterprise, which employs three thousand people. However, in recent years it has fallen into decay, allowing the Korean entrepreneurs to acquire and reconstruct several factory buildings "Lenpoligrafmash."

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