The new complex air defense for the Russian Navy has to pass the test before the end of the year

Air Defense Concern "Almaz-Antey" plans until the end of the year to complete testing of the new ship’s anti-aircraft missile system "polyment-Redoute," said CEO Vladislav Menshikov concern. 

Earlier media reported that the development of modern complex is delayed. "Polyment-Redoute" is intended for Russian Navy ships and created on the basis of ground-based air defense "Hero". When creating these systems use the same types of missiles (9M96).

"Research and development" polyment-Red "at the stage of preliminary tests. But to their full completion we need the support of the complex into the sea. This year, by all accounts, the test must be completed. Rockets are made, they are there, waiting for release into the sea "- said in an interview Men’shchikov" Vedomosti "newspaper, published on Saturday. 

He said that the company conducts a number of promising research and development work, and plan to open new ones.

In particular, the work on the creation of the modern anti-aircraft missile system S-500. According Menshchikova, it will be used as a fundamentally new elements, and the existing technical solutions.

Will apply new missiles and new radars. "The system of perspective and with nice new features," — said the director general of the group.

Based on the assessment of the means of attack, formed the requirements and to the means of defense. We have an understanding of the concern how to address these threats and what techniques you need to develop, Menshikov said.

 "We are actively analyzing foreign works on creation of air and space attack. Concern, the Department of Defense and other federal agencies have sufficient information about the foreign samples of weapons which are already in operation or will come into service in the near future" — said Menshikov.

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