The new contract for the Tor-M1 air defense missile systems-2U

In the register of government contracts appeared data on the conclusion of December 24, 2012 with JSC "Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant" cupola "contract to supply the Ministry of Defense of Russian art, which is part of army air defense missile system" Tor-M1-2U. "Agreement number Z/2/7/99-12 DOGOZ-signed for non-competitive basis with the sole executor defined by the decree or order of the President of the Russian Federation. transaction price amounted to 5.7 billion rubles.

Under the contract, the Russian Armed Forces will receive until the end of 2013 set Equity SAM "Tor-M1-2U" for anti-aircraft missile battalion infantry brigade of the new organization — 12 combat vehicles 9A331MU with a price of 394.3 million rubles. each, three car battery maintenance 9V887M2U and one regiment — 9V887-1M2U with the price of about 79 million rubles. each, six transport and loading vehicle 9T244 9T245-1-1 to the value of 26.1 and 12.3 million rubles. accordingly, one car group SPTA 9F399-1M2U 45 million rubles, one ground equipment 9F116 for 3.8 million rubles. For the operation of the command posts of SAM will be delivered five modules of planning, the supplied automation "Barnaul-T" ESU TK — one brigade 9S931-1 for 50.3 million rubles, one divisional 9S931 for 64 million rubles and three battery-9S932 gearbox 1 with a price of 86.7 million rubles each.

It is important to note that in November 2012, the press service of the Southern Military District, reported that "the first batch of air defense missile systems" Tor-M1-2U "is now available to the troops of the Southern Military District. Till the end of this year, these air defense missile systems will be staffed with air defense unit, stationed in the Volgograd region [part of the anti-aircraft missile battalion of the 20th Motorized Rifle Brigade]. "

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