The new controller effectively controls lighting of buildings

In the photo: lighting control system of the building based on the controller K2000T.


Is it possible to reduce the energy consumption of residential and public buildings, office buildings, warehouses and industrial complexes? The answer to this question tried to find the designers of the company "Intelligent Architecture" (Dmitrov, Moscow region). They have created a system "Office lighting Office Building" based on the use of the new development — controller K2000T.

With this controller, the principle of operation is based on the change in the brightness of light depending on the time of day, lighting the street and finding people in range of motion sensors, lighting control system is constructed of various common areas of the building. In particular — the corridors, halls, stairways (using motion sensors), the facade of the building and exterior lighting, architectural lighting and lighting of billboards, basements, attics, etc.

The system, except for the controller K2000T include photosensor K2100, K2010 Analog control, fluorescent lights, motion sensors (PIR motion sensor with the so-called "corridor" detection zone).At night, the controller commands the K2000T modules analogue control K2010-on lamps installed in the corridors and halls, to a preset minimum brightness. When you are within range of human movement, the module switches the relevant group K2010 lights to full brightness with a delay of 20-60 seconds off. The system provides liaison with other engineering systems of the building — a fire alarm system and automatic elevator.

In case of fire light automatically switches to full brightness. In the repair of elevators (lifts or more), the controller receives a signal to disconnect the main switch elevators, lighting automatically translates interfloor staircases in programming mode or full brightness. The system also provides for a special control algorithm lighting basement and attic.

A similar scheme enterprise experts also developed a system of "Office lighting warehouse complex" based on the same controller — K2000T.

As practice shows, the introduction of new domestic innovation allows for minimal cost lower (by 50-60%) power consumption of lighting systems of residential and public buildings, office buildings, warehouses and industrial complexes and implement an energy conservation program.

His development of the company "Intelligent Architecture" introduced in the summer at the 21 th International Exhibition "Electro-2012" in Moscow.

Author: Alex Labunsky

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