The new development HMZ — sprayer OPSH-3000

July 6 HMZ were tested trailed sprayer boom OPSH-3000. Production of this car — a momentous event for our company, as sprayers with efficiency up to 28.8 m / s, and the volume of the tank up to 3000 liters of still does not let no one in Ukraine, and the demand for them is very high. The sprayer can be used for continuous processing of farm fields, hydraulic fluids and pesticides for application of liquid fertilizer such as CAS (karbomidno-amiachnaya nitrate). Seasonal load sprayer at least 320 hours of operating time.

Sprayer OPSH-3000 is made in the experimental shop, managed by Halimulin SA, and its own development engineer Eugene Pogribenniku who works for our company just one year. Work on the development machine were carried out under the leadership of Obraztsova VD and the chief GSKB Volkova, NB

Leaders of Kherson machine-building plant thanks to a group of designers for the perseverance, ingenuity and effort, which was created through a unique machine OPSH-3000.

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