The new development STROYDORMASH — BKM-2032 is being tested


The plant "Stroydormash" conducted tests of the new drilling and crane machines BKM-2032.
The plant "Stroydormash" once again sets record in creating powerful and heavy machinery. A new model of boring cranes BKM-2032 still in the development stage has successfully completed the first phase of the experimental test.

Machine BKM-2032 is unique in that it has:
a powerful all-terrain tracked chassis,
powerful drilling equipment enabling drilling to a depth of 20 meters with a diameter of 1000 mm or more.
Many energy and construction companies are looking forward to arrival of this model into production. After all, the creation of this model is the result of a study of customer needs of the plant "Stroydormash." Previous heavy machine BKM-2012 has received excellent reviews for her performance and mobility. And to work in off-road vehicles on crawler tracks have a distinct advantage.

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