The new devices from ZAO Milandr

Development design center of the Russian company ZAO "Milandr"


Dual-core microcontroller 32-bit RISC-core processor with a clock frequency up to 70 MHz, 16-bit DSP-core processor with a clock frequency up to 100 MHz.



32-bit RISC-microcontroller for aeronautical applications.



32-bit RISC-microcontroller counters for consumption.


An article in the journal "Electronics: Science, Technology, Business» (№ 5, 2011) — "In Russia, you can create modern integrated circuits."

Okra on these chips to end in 2011-2012. Engineering samples are available for free now.
These chips are based on ARM architecture cores. The license for the kernel data was acquired by JSC "Milandr" one of the first in the world in 2008, the British company ARM Ltd. Currently, the Russian market are mainly represented by the core microcontrollers with ARM Cortex-M3 companies STMicroelectronics (family STM32Fxxx) and NXP (family LPC17xx).
On the basis of the kernel already commercially available chip series 1986VE9.
The performance of the domestic developments are not inferior to foreign ones.


About the company:

CJSC "Milandr" organized in 1993 in the city of Zelenograd. Since the inception to the present day, the company is organizing the supply of electronic components produced in Russia, CIS and far abroad to Russian companies.

In 2003 he was created and successfully operates Design Center. The main purpose of the Center design — development of domestic microelectronic components: microcontrollers, microprocessors, memory circuits, etc. Most of our products are available with a "1" acceptance (acceptance OTC) and with "5" acceptance (acceptance of the customer).
In 2004 he was created Test Technology Center Microdevices (LLC "ITC MP") in order to ensure a comprehensive development center design necessary measurements, test data, and storage options.

In 2005, set up an assembly and measurement industry.

In 2006, the Company established a branch "Milandr" (Nizhny Novgorod).

In 2008 was organized by JSC "MILANDR Electric".

All the main types of activity, the company has the necessary certificates and licenses, allowing you to use our products in all domestic developments, including in products with high reliability requirements (aircraft equipment, machinery, etc.).

Main activities of the company:

— Development of integrated circuits with design rules from 2 microns to 0.18 microns;
— The organization of test and measurement circuits, including imported ones.
— Integrated delivery of electronic components of domestic and imported for assembly of electronic equipment for civil and special purpose;

Infrastructure companies:

— 1500 m2 production area;
— More than 100 highly qualified specialists, including in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits and functional units (graduates of the leading institutions of Russia);
— Modern hardware and software design of integrated circuits and test them.

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