The new drifting station North Pole-40 opened in the Arctic

Drifting research station "North Pole-40" officially began its work on 1 October at 23.45 MSK, from the moment when it was hoisted the national flag of the Russian Federation.
The floe on which the station is located, is 85 degrees north latitude and 143 degrees east longitude. The opening of the station was attended by the head of the High-sea expedition "Arktika-2012" Vladimir Sokolov, a submarine captain "Russia" Oleg Shapin and the Bishop of Naryan-Mar, Mezensky James, explorers and the crew of an icebreaker.

"In search of ice floes for the SP-40 was difficult, but we still have successfully completed this task. Today is yours worth icebreaker with the symbolic name" Russia. "Russian scientists have carried out in the Arctic of unique scientific challenges and realize the important task of our presence in the high country latitudes, "- said the Falcons at the opening of the station.
Flag SP-40 raised two young scientists who first went to winter in the Arctic — the leading expert Igor Shutilin station and hydrograph Denis Kudryavtsev.

Spend the winter on a drifting ice floe will be 16 people, headed by the chief of the SP-40, an experienced polar explorer Nikolai Fomichev. Just a few days ago at the site selected by scientists near the submarine "Russia" began rolling out a new station, organized transportation of equipment, supplies and houses.
Polar will continue to work on the organization of SP-40, and after the departure of the icebreaker, which in the early morning of October 2 headed for Murmansk. According to Captain submarine "Russia" Oleg Shchapina, the icebreaker will take about six days to get back to its home port.
High-latitude sea expedition "Arktika-2012" to remove the drifting station SP-39 and SP-40 landing was organized by the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Hydromet (AARI). From Murmansk icebreaker "Russia", owned by FSUE "Atomflot" state corporation "Rosatom", was released on September 8 at 15:00 MSK. SP-39 has officially completed its work at 22.20 MSK on September 17, and the ice floe for a new station was found on September 27.

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