The new engine plant JAMZ-530 ready to go

November 24 at the enterprise, erected in Zavolzhsky area of Yaroslavl, attended the first face of the city and the region, as well as the leaders of the Group "GAS".

Construction of the new plant began in December 2007. Total investment in the project amounts to 10 million rubles, almost 6 of them — it’s a 10-year loan.

Installation and construction work has been completed, there is a test equipment and electronics. The new plant "Avtodizelya" for the production of a unique product innovation — the engine 530th series ready. Today, a new production of the top people in the field have shown and the city. In addition, the president of the group came to Yaroslavl "GAS" Bo Andersson. As a guide, the Director Victor Kodylkin JAMZ.

Sergei Vakhrukov, Governor of the Yaroslavl region: "Well — here it is a new Yaroslavl, Russia first Euro-4. This engine will provide our "AVTODIZEL" stability for the next 10-15 years. "

Engines of the family "JAMZ-530" in its characteristics meet the highest world standards. Low cost provides a high level of competitiveness of these engines in Russia and abroad. At the initial stage of the new plant plans to produce engines by 55-60 per month.

Ruslan Greeks, project director of mid-line engines: "In December of this year, is scheduled to begin serial production of engines, from January to February — engines with indicators of Euro-3 and Euro-4. Delivery will be made to our main partners — the company is a group of "Gas", as well as the Minsk Automobile Plant. In addition, we supply engines for the Department of Defense. "

Sergei Vakhrukov, Governor of the Yaroslavl region: "This project did not take place, if not support the government and its leader Vladimir Putin. It was on his initiative, even in times of crisis, the credit was allocated "Vnesheconombank". Only with such power and with this support we can realize such projects. "

Bo Andersson, President of the "GAS", "This is the most modern production site in Russia of the" GAS "and the most modern engine in the world. Without the support of the governor and the regional government to implement the project would not have succeeded. "

The new plant has given the region and create new jobs. The enterprise will employ more than 200 people. The average salary of employees 25-28 thousand rubles.

Dmitry Novak setter CNC: "Light, Heat. A lot of attention is paid to safety. Liked the management and staff. "

Alexei Zakharov, locksmith MCP: "Working here is prestigious. The latest equipment. Everything is convenient. Only «Komatsu» can compete. "

Today, along with Yaroslavl work at the plant and foreign experts. Ralph Zimmermann six months in Russia. Work’m sure the Yaroslavl plant has the potential to become a leader even in the world market.

Ralph Zimmermann adjuster equipment (Germany): "The workers already know what to do. We now check the processes. If it works, we’ll fly home. "

Economists note that today’s event is largely — the result of the policy of the local authorities. Which rely on attracting major investors and industrial modernization. The fact that the Yaroslavl region — one of the flagships of modern Russia, is a fact.

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