The new equipment has arrived in Oncology Center EAO

18 units of advanced medical equipment in the amount of seven million rubles were delivered to the Regional Cancer Center in the regional healthcare modernization program for 2011-2012.

Among the instruments — ultrasound machine, portable Fluoroscopic diagnostic setting, ventilator, endoscopic and laboratory equipment, bedside monitors with displays for monitoring the condition of patients, ECG, surgical table. The use of new techniques will improve the diagnosis and detection of early stages of the disease, affect the quality of treatment in this medical facility.
A similar program in the Jewish Autonomous Region last year received 360 names of various equipment distributed to the regional, psychiatric and children’s hospitals, cancer and TB clinics. The new X-ray equipment, ECG and syringe pump delivered in October the central district hospital.
On completion of the modernization program of regional medicine in 2012 for federal funds in the amount of 26 million rubles to 31 million rubles from the regional budget will be added.

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