The new equipment is installed at the meteorological station of Primorye

Experts Primgidrometa installed and mounted on the upper-air meteorological station in Sadgorod actinometric automated system for monitoring the work of the Sun. The equipment is still working in test mode.

The new equipment arrived in the spring of this year Primgidromet project "Modernization and technical re-organizations and institutions Hydromet."

Data obtained instrument of great importance for many sectors of the economy, and for the life of man, because rapid growth of energy resources made especially urgent environmental problems that forced along with the need to address energy an alternative source of energy — solar radiation. That’s why in some countries are giving serious attention to the development of solar energy

"The equipment must undergo a period of parallel observations and only if its data will be used as the primary source of information. So far, the experts will use the information from the instruments of the older generation," — said the head of repair and assembly department Primgidrometa Vladimir vortex.

Installed equipment has six sensors that measure light and heat coming from the sun, and reflected from the Earth. The complex is in automatic mode, without human help, the sky is the main source of heat and light, self-placing the sensors. Moreover, it performs this task even in cloudy weather when detect "dislocation" of the Sun on the horizon is not easy.

According to Vladimir Vihrova, "all the information received, the machine automatically processes and transmits the station. Thus with the help of remote access specialists Primgidrometa be able to control operation of the device in Sadgorod and make, if necessary, changes to its program." 

Until today, the Weather Station equipment is used domestically produced 60s. Not to mention the fact that the equipment is obsolete, its main drawback is that all the information plant personnel have to be processed manually, which slows down the operational work. The new equipment will reduce manual labor and time Meteorological Technician actinometric on the site, especially in adverse weather conditions.

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