The new equipment is of UralPozhtehnika.

The modern complex designed for high quality metal cutting was presented of "UralPozhtehnika."

The new equipment will Miasskoe leading company in the manufacture of fire-fighting equipment, produces more than 50 models of special purpose vehicles — significantly optimize the production process.    

As explained by the chief engineer of "UralPozhtehnika" Yuri Lezhnyoff complex purchased in addition to the already existing plant and is not only more powerful, but also the possibility of high-precision and high-quality cuts as sheet metal and profile (pipes).

Highly dynamic multi-purpose complex, equipped with the latest software can reduce the whole process of manufacturing parts (from design to production) to a few minutes, improve their quality, to expand the range of products. Thanks to the precision cutting of metal blanks at the enterprise the opportunity to complete spetsavtomobili not weldments and teams. Furthermore, using the complex environmental laid concept: it has a system of cleaning the combustion products which fully absorbs harmful gases and dust, whereby a plant is fed clean and warm air. 

According to the Head of Sales, LLC "Amada" Igor Mikhalchanka, laser systems are reliable, durable and technically perfect. This is the latest development of machine-building concern AMADA, which incorporates all of the latest achievements in the field of precision engineering and laser cutting technology. 
This is a definite step forward. We are now a lot of talk about energy efficiency, so that’s one of the advantages of this installation — optimized power consumption. In general, the work of the new equipment will enable the "UralPozhtehnike" to increase the production of marketable products, improve its quality and to increase the level of salaries to its employees. And this is a big plus for the company and for the city.
The head of the city district administration Miassky Victor ardab’evskiy

   It remains to add that the Japanese manufacturing company of high-tech equipment has developed service network throughout Russia. Supply of equipment for the Japanese company Miasskoe of "UralPozhtehnika" — the first and only example of cooperation with enterprises of the Chelyabinsk region.

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