The new fast passenger vessel A-145 — innovative swallow the domestic shipbuilding


Zelenodolsky plant Gorky (Tatarstan), presented at the Tenth International Economic Forum in Sochi its new fast passenger vessel A-145, according to international safety standards.

Project A-145 — the integration of innovative design and technological solutions in the field of aviation and shipbuilding, said the representative of the plant.

"Russian counterparts new ship not — it is built on the new rules, a new security code. And as in Russia in recent years has long been built marine speed boats, accordingly, no domestic speedster new security code does not match ", — told RIA Novosti director — chief engineer of JSC" Holding Company "Ak Bars", which includes plant, Sergei breed specialists.


He added that in our country the court did not build this capacity with the 90s.

"The new vessel is designed according to the requirements of French classification society BUREAU VERITAS, at the same time were taken into account and the Russian Maritime Register of rules. From these two sets of rules has been chosen the best and it is implemented ", — said the breed specialists.

He said that the seaworthiness of the vessel allow operation of a vessel at sea up to 4 points, without limitation of power and up to 5 points at a reduced speed.

"The vessel has a special stabilization system, which controls the lifting force on the bearing surfaces. This stabilizes the heave, roll-deferent and thus avoid overloading ", — he added, explaining that this creates a more comfortable environment for passengers.


"If the ISO count time of the occurrence of motion sickness, then, say, a four-excitement, it will be far from over eight hours," — said the designer.

According to him, "one of the most important advantages of the ship — is the security in the broad sense of the word."

"Safety for passengers, safety for the environment and safety for the future of the shipowner," — said the breed specialists, explaining that we are talking about environmental safety, and reliability.

"From the nose to the tip of the ship engine room has a double bottom. This allows for an emergency holes eight to 17 meters to keep the ship afloat, "- said the director of the holding company.

According to him, the A145 design and build, including a calculation of the output to the export market.


"I am convinced that the ship has very good prospects," — suggested the presentation of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

He bulk A145 "very modern ship world-class."

"Today, we talk a lot about the problems of transport and aviation, and maritime and river, and those sad events that took place, they say that we need to build new ships, new aircraft," — said the head of Tatarstan.

"Today, we are very interested in the fact that the government decided to build such ships as standard, it is because at the time when there was a government program" — expressed wishes of the General Director of JSC "Plant Zelenodolsky" Renat Mistahov, explaining that it will significantly reduce the the price of the ship.

According to him, the plant is ready to build up to five ships.


"With the support of the Republic of Tatarstan," Ak Bars Holding ", we have created a production that is, upgrading workshops that deal with white metal (aluminum). For the year increased the number of professionals, we have our own training center for welders, and if in 2010 we had only 17, now 42, 15 of them are international class ", — said the head of the plant.

He explained that potential A145 customers — shipping companies, including foreign ones. Already expressed interest in Greece, Spain, Vietnam.

Mistahov suggested that the boat can be claimed on the Black Sea coast.

"The way the car from Sochi to Novorossiysk will take 12 hours. Our ship comes in 3.5 hours ", — said director general.

Actually the project
On the "Zelenodol’sk plant them. AM Gorky "August 17, 2011 a ceremony launching the high-speed passenger ship new generation.

A vessel of 145 is a high-speed passenger ship gliding type, carrying 150 passengers with luggage in the passenger version with a speed of 40 knots at a distance of 200 miles in the coastal marine area in the main engine power 2h1440 kW. Seaworthiness of the vessel allow safe movement at sea state 4.

The vessel was designed by the A 145, developed by specialists of the St. Petersburg company "Agat Design Bureau". According to the General Director of JSC "Zelenodolsky Plant named after AM Gorky "Renata Mistahova with the implementation of this order the company has reached a new level — was to produce high-speed boats to sea.

It is planned that these high-speed boats will be used to transport passengers during the 2014 Olympics and on travel regular routes and the Black Sea coastal area in the Krasnodar Territory.

Specifications A-145

A145 project developed by designers, LLC "Agat Design Bureau", St. Petersburg, to the development of the project and the A45 is designed for the transportation of passengers in the daytime on coastal shipping routes on lines extending up to 250 miles.

overall length of the vessel — 34.6 meters,
overall width — 6.8 m,
height amidships — 2.5 meters
sediment in the displacement mode — 0.91 meters
precipitate in planing mode — 0.7
Total displacement — 83 tons.
Crew. 6.
vessel’s deadweight with the summer load waterline — about 18.7 tons,
passenger -150 people
speed — 40 knots,
maximum cruising range — 250 miles.
Main Engines: MTU 16V2000M72, KW 2h1440
Propulsion system: two water-jet propulsion HP 525M production of "Zelenodolsky plant named after M. Gorky."

Case Material: Corrosion-resistant alloy alyuminievomagnievy brand AMG 1561.

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