The new feed plant worth 500 million rubles. introduced in the Volgograd region

July 22

On the territory of the Cossack holding company of "Krasnodonskoye" in the area of the Volgograd region Ilovlinsky commissioned feed mill.

Start a modern feed mill will KHK of "Krasnodonskoye" provide full high-quality feed their own livestock and poultry.

The plant capacity is 40 t / h feed. Estimated cost — 500 million rubles.

This investment also includes the construction of new buildings of poultry and pig farm, slaughterhouse and reconstruction of existing pig and poultry KHK grounds of "Krasnodonskoye" estimated to cost 8.2 billion rubles. Construction of the plant was carried out in the framework of a long-term plan for the development of the enterprise, including the complete production chain — from growing grain for feed production — to the implementation of semi-finished poultry and pork.

Cossack holding company of "Krasnodonskoye" is the leading crop (52.4 million hectares of arable land) and livestock (75.5 thous. Pigs and 950 million poultry) now not only in the Volgograd region but throughout the Southern Federal District . In 2010, KHK of "Krasnodonskoye" sold 28,574 tons of pork and poultry meat in live weight.

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