The new field communication system based on UAV designed for the Russian Armed Forces

Omsk Production Association "named after AS Popov Radio Plant" has developed a unique three-dimensional field army radio system based on unmanned aerial vehicles.

"Repeaters communication system implemented on the platform of unmanned tiltrotor own design. It is expected that the government will begin testing the system before the end of this year ", — said Deputy General Director Sergei Demensky.

According to him, the system creates the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Russia, its ability to allow you to maintain high quality radio communication on the battlefield, and even streaming video.

"In the spring of this year, held a demonstration flight of the unmanned helicopter T-5, during which demonstrated the possibility of streaming video from the board," drone "at the control station and a video display device group", — said S. Demensky.

He noted that the unmanned tiltrotor can still hover over a particular point on the surface, allowing it to relay radio signals qualitatively with the alleged battlefield.

S.Demensky said that the three-dimensional communication system will be presented at the exhibition "Engineering Technologies" (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) in late June.

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