The new fitness center opened in Urzhum Kirov region

Fitness center was built as part of the federal target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015" as well as the regional target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Kirov region for 2011-2013" and the municipal target program .

The total cost of construction amounted to 74 million rubles. In 2011, the budget of the Kirov region for the construction of FOCA was a grant in the amount of 43.8 million rubles. The federal budget in 2012 received 20 million rubles from the regional budget funds will be transferred to the local budget for the amount of work performed. On the ground floor is a hall for volleyball, basketball and mini football. On the second floor — a multi-purpose hall, which can offer classes in recreational gymnastics and table tennis. The building FOCA provides locker rooms and inventory space, office medical care, room technicians, showers, toilets, shower-washroom for wheelchair users. There is also a space for the doctor, referees, coaches and trainers. By the way, doctor’s offices and medical care are equipped with the necessary medical equipment to monitor the physical condition of athletes and first aid.

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