The new format of cooperation Multiclet with the Innovation Center Skolkovo

The project to create microprocessors based on multicellular architecture proposed JSC "Multiclet", received the status of a resident IT-Cluster "innovation center" Skolkovo "in May 2011. However, in the process of working together has come to understand that IT-cluster foresight too narrow for such a large interdisciplinary project. Multicellular processors can be in demand in many sectors and industries, and accordingly, the deliberate restriction of the scope IT-cluster (as well as biomedical or Energotekh cluster) can be a significant obstacle to the cooperation of "Multiclet" with the Innovation Centre.

In January 2012, the management of "Multiclet" by analyzing a wide range of ways to develop your own project, made a strategic decision to withdraw from the IT-cluster. As a new direction of development of interaction with the "Skolkovo" was selected cluster of space technology and communications, which combines the diverse projects, including large-scale and multi-sectoral.

Leaders of the cluster space technology has already expressed a willingness to cooperate with JSC "Multiclet," noting the importance of the proposed project for the development of the whole of Russian industry. Companies’ Multiclet ", in turn, will spend a lot of work on the formation of the documents necessary for further work within the cluster" Space technology and communications. "

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