The new fuel invented by scientists Tyumen

Ivan Nesterov


Tyumen scientists have created a new kind of fuel. About this Oil and Gas Information Agency said corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Institute of Geology and Natural Resources, Professor TyumGNGU Ivan Nesterov.

According to him, the solid fuel can be produced from coal and oil shale. On the basis of laboratory tests revealed that the Tyumen scientists are able to create a solid fuel with a calorific value of about 60 and a thousand kilocalories per kilogram. The base for this type of fuel is brown and black coal, oil shale, tar oils and asphaltenes. "We worked on this fuel 30 years. The experiments were conducted in Novosibirsk, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They consisted of irradiating kerogen, coal, asphaltenes and other hydrocarbon compounds by electron beams ", — said Ivan Nesterov.

He emphasized the fact that while the development of the Russian government is not interested. "We have repeatedly written letters, but no reply came. Start the development of a new technology is not yet cost-effective, as foreign colleagues will be able to implement it quickly Russia. I think we will be able to convince the government that this is a very important task of the state — to get a new type of fuel, "- said Mr. Smith.

It should be noted that if in the future the fuel enters into practice, a few tens of grams of the solid fuel engines can provide work for a long period without further filling. "This fuel will be cheaper than gasoline. It is important that the solid fuel — completely eco-friendly ", — assured the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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