The new gym has opened in the village Topolevo Khabarovsk region

The new gym has opened in the village Topolevo Khabarovsk region — its construction cost budget of the district almost 11 million. The idea of the initiative group of athletes from Topoleva, the new building had to settle only changing rooms for players and hockey players. However, when the project added a gymnasium, rooms for coaches and even showers.

Building was erected in two and a half months. According to the builders, the hall is constructed of expensive materials to meet all the requirements and standards of fire and environmental safety, also mounted heating systems and water supply.

At the opening ceremony of the gym the first deputy chairman of the Legislative Duma of Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Lugovskoi noted that the province as a whole and in the Khabarovsk region in particular is very much to the development of sport and physical education, to promote the health of children and young people. The head of the municipal district of Khabarovsk Vladimir Aleshko stressed that the Khabarovsk region has great potential in sports development and delivery of such a sporting facility as Topolevo gym, this is another step towards achieving sporting victories.
It is worth noting that the gym is scheduled to open a section of Greco-Roman wrestling. There are all conditions, and the coaches today are ready to get to work. In this present assured the vice-president of the Federation Greco-Roman wrestling Khabarovsk Territory.
The new gym benefited over the village, it was decided that it would engage not only students and kindergartners, but any hope.

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