The new headset for special forces

JSC "EDO" Octave "- Tula enterprise, developer and manufacturer of electro-acoustic transducers for various purposes — is getting ready to show at the exhibition" Interpolitex-2011 "promising product — TMG-49 headset, designed for special forces.

The product is designed initiative, it was a response to the Tula acousticians to numerous requests and recommendations from the various law enforcement agencies.



The new telephone-eared headset microphone on a soft headband is designed for two-way communication with any domestic and foreign handheld radios. Phone and the headset microphone mounted on a flexible boom of the "goose neck", their position can be easily adjusted directly on the head of the operator. In the headset TMG-49 uses the driver’s open, allowing you to simultaneously perceive and sound environment. The soft headband provides comfort during prolonged use of the device. In the development of the product was taken into account the need of the people in riot gear.

In addition to the headset TMG-49, and the Tula Design Bureau "Octave" is preparing to show at the exhibition "Interpolitex-2011" a wide range of acoustic communication devices. This headset, tubes, panels, headphones, headsets, microphones and built-in phones, devices and alarms ringing, as well as contact and acoustic sensors. The new products will be shown, among other developments at the company booth at the exhibition "Interpolitech 2011" (Booth 1A9-1 in Hall A).

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