The new heavy infantry fighting vehicles from Kharkov

Specialists of «The Kharkov BTRZ" have created a heavy infantry fighting vehicles (BMPT), unified with the T-64 on the engine with service systems, powertrain, chassis and electrical equipment.

The use of a compact tank MTO allowed to provide a combination of high base level of protection with a mass of 34.5 tons, which solves the problem of aerotransportabelnosti.
Another significant advantage of this solution is to fix the problem razunifikatsii fleet of heavy infantry fighting vehicles and tanks, causes great inconvenience to the military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Close (already!) by weight machines have virtually no common parts and components, which makes it difficult not only training, maintenance, logistics, but even fuel supply — for example, in the U.S. Army MBT "Abrams" is working on a jet fuel JP-8 (actually — it’s jet fuel), while BMP "Bradley" uses the normal diesel fuel, the unification of motor oils and transmisionnyh, supplies, and can not speak. The high degree of commonality of Kharkov infantry fighting vehicles and tanks not only facilitates the training of crews, simplifies maintenance, supply chain, but also can significantly minimize the amount of supply of spare parts, fuel, oil, and supplies. As the experience of fighting in recent years — the share of logistics component of the overall budget of the military operation tends to increase, and successful in terms of supply and operations solution that will save a significant amount, which is important in a crisis the burden on the defense budget.
BMPT is designed for the transportation of personnel, increasing its mobility, protection and firepower.
The machine is made by the classical layout, front-ITO, followed sequentially arranged separation of management, fighting and troop compartment in the rear wall of the ramp.

Armament machine is placed in a rotating uninhabited tower, located in the central part of the case. The main armament is BMPT 30 mm automatic gun 2A42. On the roof of the tower is a cylindrical shaft for mounting removable combat units, unified with the applicable at the T-64E. On the right side of the tower are 2 ATGM launchers "Barrier". Location of the complex weapons in the desert tower possible to separate it from the crew, thus improving ergonomics crew compartment BMP, and significantly reduce the risk to the crew and troops during combat weapons complex lesions and the possible detonation of ammunition.
Because BMPT made by converting a tank car reservations on the level of protection similar to booking a tank, built-in set of cumulative dynamic protection "Knife" allows you to block all classes hit anti-tank weapons, including BOPS, as an option can be installed options protivotandemnogo cumulative dynamic protection "Doublet . "
Use as a power plant Tank Engine 5TDF having its greatest among serial liter tank engines and overall capacity, enabled by creating a compact (and, respectively — and lung) MTO, reduce the height of the body and the machine as a whole, and, at equal with the machines of the western mass production, thus appearing to direct a "reserve" on the strengthening of body armor. In other words — at the expense of small-sized engine, manual transmission, dense arrangement of logistics in general, in the Kharkov machine to share your account for significantly large portion of the total weight of the machine than the BMP competitors.  

Ramp not only makes loading and unloading a heavy troop compartment and oversized cargo (boxes of ammunition, stretchers with the wounded), but also allows you to make this motion machine.
Weight: 34.5 tons
Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.3 x 2.6 (on top of the turret) m
Engine / Power: 5 TDF / 700 hp (Optional — 5TDFE 900 hp)
Crew: 3 people.
Troopers: up to 12 people.
Frontal armor: 350 + 40 mm, 90 mm withstands BPS.
Side armor: 82 + 20 mm. Protivokumulyativnymi screen + DZ "Knife", withstands a grenade PG-7VM (shot grenade launcher RPG-7).
Aft Armor: 40 mm, withstands 14.5 mm armor-piercing bullets.
Armor bottom: Combination mine. Protects the crew at undermining anti-tank mine on the TM-57, the level of protection 4A NATO standard STANAG 4569.
Both machines are factory tested. Factory — during operation provides repair, if necessary — the modernization of the product or other re-armament complex and / or reconfiguration of the product by the customer.

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