The new high-speed patrol boats are ready for duty in Chukotka

Two new high-speed patrol boats for the KC-701 will be on duty in the Chukotka government district inspection FSS Border region. The solemn event on the commissioning and launching of boats went on shore in the village of Anadyr Tavaivaam. New patrol boats will be used to check the fishing areas for the extraction of biological resources — RIA Sever DV press service of the Russian FSB Border Guard Department of Chukotka.

Entered into service vessels equipped with modern digital search tools and communications. Boats have excellent handling and stability on the course, as well as a soft, comfortable ride on the wave. The vessel is capable of speeds up to 85 km / h.

This modern agile patrol boats with a heavy-duty design of the case. Spacious, tall as a man comfortable cutting, with reverse tilt windshield eliminates sun glare, and in rain drops on the glass will not melt, and it is safe to walk even with the wipers are turned off, — said Head of the Border Guard Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia Chukotka Dmitry February.

Until recently, the Russian FSB Border Guard Department of the Chukotka Autonomous District performed service is only one flotation device series "Wizard 651." Dmitry Fevralev said that during the fishing season using boats very much in demand. During inspections of fishing areas special flotation device makes it possible to reach a much larger distances and thus to be more mobile.

New boats help border guards to monitor compliance with environmental legislation in hard water areas, monitoring previously carried only by helicopter, as well as to expand the area and range of activities of border details. According to Dmitry Fevraleva, regular patrols of the coastline at the same time by several means of flotation will allow better quality monitor extraction of biological resources on the fishing grounds Anadyr direction.

Patrol boats KC-701 were obtained in the framework of the state defense order to ensure the Coast Guard units of Frontier Service of Russia by appropriate means.

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