The new high-speed section of M-1 Belarus opened in Moscow

  The plot of M-1 "Belarus" from the 33rd to the 45th km (Odintsovo district, Moscow region) was opened on Tuesday after reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the area from 33 th to the 45 th km was conducted from July 2007. In its course increased the number of lanes in the area (from four to eight) with a complete disassembly of the existing pavement, built four split-level interchanges at the 35th, 38th, 41st, and 45th kilometers, six elevated pedestrian transitions, with seven treatment facilities, rebuild about 200 km utilities, installed noise barriers, outdoor lighting system throughout the entire site.

As a result of land from 33 th to the 45 th km of highways became separated from opposing traffic flows and the lack of contiguity in the same plane. 

Federal highway M-1 "Belarus" — the most important domestic and international transport corridor, providing a message western region of the Russian Federation and the countries of Western Europe with the industrialized areas of the central part of Russia. This international transport corridor number 2, which formed a significant two-way freight and passenger flows in the direction of Western Europe — Russia. The road is related to international routes — the index of E-30. Since May 2010, the M-1 "Belarus" is a fiduciary of the State Company "Highways".

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