The new high-tech manufacturing and contract for 2.5 million dollars for the supply of products to the EU


In Lviv, November 25, 2011 for the first time in Ukraine was opened nanoheterostructures production for various purposes, which include high-brightness The LEDs, concentrator solar cells, microwave transistors. Production of new optoelectronic devices based on nanotechnology has opened a manufacturing site in Research and Production Concern "Science" at the NPP "Karat" GP JSC "Concern-Electron".
Initiated the opening of a new high-tech manufacturing in Kiev acted concern "Science", the production base, which will be physically placed a new production site is Lviv "Karat". For the first time in Ukraine at the site organized the production of competitive geteroepitaksiynih device structures, including nano-sized active layers for the manufacture of LEDs and other solid state electronic devices by vapor phase epitaxy from organometallic compounds.
For the production of epitaxial heterostructures involved only Ukrainian Processing Facility, which is based on the installation for the deposition of epitaxial layer on a semiconductor wafer «Veeco D-180LDM MOCVD System», installation of vapor-phase epitaxy "GFE-Micro", the installation of liquid-phase epitaxy "EVARS" and a modern laboratory. All research work preceding the opening of the production site were carried out in the framework of the state target scientific and technical program "Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials" for 2010-2014 and the Ukrainian-Russian program of cooperation in the field of nanotechnology.
The new high-tech products, which will be produced in Lviv will be sold on the domestic market, which will reduce the cost of some instruments, and exported. In particular concern "Science" has already signed its first contract to supply nanoheterostructures to the EU for a total of 2.5 million U.S. dollars.
With sufficient funding in Ukraine in 2012 will take a 1% of the global market for nanotechnology, it will annually earn up to $ 200 million. Industry requires an investment of $ 83 million, out of which will be open scientific laboratories with modern equipment.
PAO NPK "Science" was established in 1998 by a group of young scientists under the leadership of Sergei Larkin. Today is the first major Ukrainian business association that carries out fundamental and applied research, is developing and commercializing technology. Director — Professor Larkin SY Directorate manages the company Supervisory Board, which is headed by the Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the CMU Avksentiev YA and First Deputy Chairman of the State Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine Pyotr BV Founded by a number of national research centers and enterprises, as well as institutes of the NAS of Ukraine.

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