The new hospital Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region came first child’s cry


On March 15 at 11:00 in 58 minutes the new hospital Snezhinsk born first newborn — a boy. Children cry marked the end of a 10-year construction period. Doctors speak with pride of the modern equipment of the individual labor wards and operating theaters, where both can be done in four caesarean section on cleaning system and air conditioning.

For moms and dads main differences will be the joint childbirth and rooming-in mothers with a child. In each ward — a shower and a telephone for communication with the midwife, and even long-distance.

Even before the opening of the new, the old hospital once or twice a month gave birth to non-resident mothers. Now certainly be wanting more. Conditions allow. Questions entry to the closed city can be resolved and for the most expectant mother, and for those she indicates in the statement.

Of particular note is that the services Snezhinsk hospital — free of charge, only the certificate.
Equally important social facility built on federal funds, with the support of the regional leadership. Governor Mikhail Yurevich was here in the summer and monitored the development of the program of modernization of the health system

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