The new Kalashnikov AK-12 adapted for use with just one hand

The designers of "Izhmash" new machine adapted to make full use of only one hand.


The successor of the famous AK-74, from the procurement of which the Ministry of Defence refused to be assembled in the factory "Izhmash" and demonstrated to the military in early December. Picture it while secretly, but some details of the "Izvestia" managed to find out. How to tell the designers of the plant, the main feature of the new items will be a "one-armed man" — that is, the opportunity to take any action with the mechanics of the machine can be in one hand.

— If a fighter is injured or his other hand is busy with something, he would still be able to produce all the operations with a gun — switch fuse, distort and even change the shutter store — Said one of the designers.

The military still skeptical about the new development of Izhevsk gunsmiths.

— Sam machine still has not seen — yet it is not assembled. But for those design decisions that we have shown in the drawings, there is nothing new there — the same vapor tube, the same piston, so there will be the same and the machine will return the same "drive" in the side after the first shot, — Said a senior official of the General Staff.

The designers recognized that the machine is to be recognized externally — will remain curved horn, degassing and piston. But the format of the store will be a new and larger one — up to 60 rounds.

— With all the changes we were able to keep the brand reliability and dependability of AA. Get away from the gas operated mechanism, we could not, however automation has become much softer to work, — Told "Izvestia" chief designer Vladimir Zlobin machine.

Accuracy of fire and firing range of the new AK now is not called — these characteristics are to be determined during the test. However, designers are confident that these parameters will be significantly better than previous models Kalashnikov. In particular, the new mechanism is designed to meet the requirements to reduce the toss and recoil when firing.

In this design the machine heavily modified weapons are now more ergonomic — the butt, the nominal grip and guard are made "on hand", a new mechanism of change of the shop "on the fly".

— Now comes the assembly machine that was the working title of the AK-12, all items are ready for it. In December, the prototype will be ready "in iron," and before the New Year in the company will be held the first firing, — Said Zlobin "News".

On the basis of the AK-12 is planned to create a whole line of automatic rifles — short for Special Forces to complex machine gun for infantry. Thus now created a few samples of the AK-12 with ammunition of various calibres — the traditional 5.45, 5.56, 7.62, and fundamentally new caliber, the number of which the "Izhmash" clarify refused, citing a state secret.

Promising machine will be equipped with bayonet, grenade launcher device, bracket for aiming devices for all kinds of sights, including the night.

In this case, the AK-12 practically save a lot of predecessor and will weigh about 3.3 kg. The designer explained that "drastic weight loss may be able to adversely affect its performance, and in particular on the accuracy of fire, will result in an unacceptable decrease in the strength of his performance."

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