The new LED lamp with full dimming


For the first time in Russia, the company "light guides" produced a fully dimmable LED lamp lighting. LED lamp works with all dimmers up to 250 watts and with most dimmers power up to 600 watts. Dimming factor is 1:50. LED lamp is made in the body with a standard E27 base, which allows its use in common household light fixtures. Power consumption of the lamp is not more than 6 watts, while on the luminous flux is analogous to 60W incandescent lamp, providing a 95% reduction in energy consumption. Patented LED assembly is used in the lamp, you can create a sweeping curve of intensity — a spherical distribution of light from the lamp, which allows its use in conventional chandeliers and lamps. This is the fundamental difference from existing LED lamps, including Russian-made, which are intended for use only in fixtures direct light. Another technical advantage of the patented LED assembly is no need for a bulky heatsink. The utility model provides the ability to build effective convection heat from the LEDs. The first Russian dimmable bulb "Planta", now available at retail.

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