The new lenses from Schwabe

"Krasnogorsk plant them. Zvereva "produced lenses for Nikon and Canon

"Krasnogorsk plant them. Zvereva "produced lenses" Helios 40-2 "with bayonets for cameras Nikon and Canon.

In September 2012 "KMZ" resumed production of the original lens "Helios 40-2" threaded M42h1. Besides threaded lens on sale there and mount lenses N and C for Nikon and Canon, the press service of "CMH".


"Helios 40-2" has a high aperture ratio of 1.5 / 85, and is designed for portraits, street photography, including in low-light, fast-moving items that require small quantities of exposures.

Feature is the use of an achromatic lens of enlightenment, which is achieved through a significant increase in transmittance and the almost complete destruction of harmful ambient light, allowing you to take pictures even when in sight of bright lights, highlights the press office.

The cost of lenses is 12 700 rubles.

"Krasnogorsk plant them. Zvereva "is a holding company" Schwabe "Rostekhnadzor corporation. Holding "Schwabe"Brings together key enterprises optoelectronic industry in Russia, that designs and manufactures high-tech electro-optical systems and systems for military and civilian purposes, optical materials, medical equipment, as well as energy-saving lighting technology. In organizations "Schwabe" employs about 20 thousand people.

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