The new library building them. I.I.Molchanova Siberian opened in Irkutsk

The solemn ceremony of putting into operation of the new building of the Irkutsk Oblast State Universal Scientific Library. II Molchanov-Siberian was held on Wednesday, December 19. At a ceremony attended by Governor Sergei Eroschenko, who said that he had signed an order to that in 2013 in the Irkutsk region declared the Year of libraries.
The new building is equipped with modern equipment. According to Library Director Olga Stasyulevich, it is the only building in Siberia modern library.
Sergei Eroschenko said that on the basis of libraries in each district of the region will create a modern cultural and educational centers, which are linked by a single system with a main library Angara. This will allow residents of even the most remote regions of the use of funds not only "Molchanovka", but the Russian State Library.
Currently, in the Irkutsk region operates 790 public libraries. Library named. II Molchanov-Siberian — the main library in the region, a leading information, scientific and methodological center for municipal libraries, this year she turned 151 years. When you move to a new building of agency staff will carry more than 1 million books weighing more than 950 tons.




According to the press service of the regional government, the total area of the new library building them. Molchanov-Siberian is 17,900 square meters. It is designed to store two million volumes, 1140 seats for readers. At 1-6 floors will house reading rooms on the seventh — the administrative block, canteen and three lecture halls. In the basement and ground floors — the main library. The main pride of the new Molchanovka — Monorail Transport System «TELELIFT» (18 stations on all floors), by means of which will be shipping the books from the store.

  As previously reported the press service IOGUNB them. Molchanov-Siberian from 1 October institution closed for relocation, which should take 3 months.

Previously, the library occupied several buildings close to the center of the city including and the house of the merchant IM Feinberg, now there is only suitable reading rooms.



On Thursday, December 20 in Irkutsk was inaugurated after the restoration of the architectural monument of federal importance — the fire station and watch-tower from the early 20th century. As reported in the press service of the Emergencies Ministry in the Irkutsk region, in the open depot already has one guard on duty separate post fire station number 3 of Irkutsk. In the next room with the fire fighters put up a historical technique for extinguishing a harness with a barrel of water and the first cars, fighting the fire in the Angara. There are also plans to open a museum of fire protection. For it already contains exhibits.





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