The new long-range missile for the S-400 has been tested

The new long-range missile for air defense missile systems S-400 has been tested in a short time it will go to the troops, told RIA Novosti on Thursday Chief of Staff Air and Missile Defense Command troops Aerospace Defense Minister, Major-General Andrei Demin.

"Long-range missile for the S-400 is now tested and soon will go to the troops," — he said.

Demin said that the construction of a new kind of army air defense comic (ASD) continues "the process is long," this system will be improved after the final formation.

S-400 "Triumph" — a system of large and medium-range new generation. It is designed to destroy all current and future air and space attack — reconnaissance aircraft, aircraft of strategic and tactical operations, tactical ballistic missiles and medium-range goals and hypersonic aircraft radar surveillance and guidance.

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