The new look of the Armed Forces of Russia …

So, I would like to consider the future shape of the Russian soldier. Whenever possible, try to consider the full set of equipment a soldier of the future. Right now I want to start with the production of body armor "NPF" Tehinkom "St. Petersburg:

Order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation № 950 of July 14, 2010 combined arms assault vest 6B43 adopted to supply the Defense Ministry.

Is the means of body armor 6A class according to GOST R 50744-95 and an element of military equipment of all the soldiers of the Russian army military specialties.
6B43 body armor designed to protect against destruction, including at close range, with bullets of small arms ammunition, including armor-piercing and high penetration, fragments of shells, mines, grenades, machetes and reduce zabronevoy contusion injury in the course of doing all kinds of combat operations.

It can be used in all climates. Retains its protective properties at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees Celsius, inclusive, as well as the impact of various operational factors: rainfall, lubricants, falls on hard ground.
The design provides for adaptation to different conditions of body armor and combat missions by rapid changes in the level and the area of the protection of vital organs and the ability to deploy elements of military equipment in the required amount in removable (modular) pouches without the use of regular traffic vests. The mass of the BZ without gear in pouches ranging from 4.5 to 15 kg. Area bulletproof protection — in the range of 7,5-30 dm 2, ballistic — in the range 42,2-68,5 dm2. You can instantly reset the vest.(For those who are in the theme will be appreciated that advantage!)
To improve the ergonomics and overall performance while wearing over winter uniform vest can be used without ventilation and amortization modules.
Allowed the use of body armor in the base set for concealed carry inside your coat.

Here there are still professional comments:
Post R73 »December 21, 2009, 21:49
"In general, body armor designed correctly and completely in Russian and Belarusian components (it recently had a chance to try). The lack of one — different adjustment for the standing and sitting positions. Although adjustments made as simple and convenient. The reason is simple. Belarusians do not produce gum width exceeding 60 mm. And the requirements for durability and longevity of gum there are very severe. Plus our analog Kevlar quite a bit superior to foreign models, and the cost of its production is almost twice as high. Hence, the market value of the vest ~ 80 000. Although mercenaries vests do not save, but they are few, and the army, he can not afford. Of the positive — jettison system. Two or three seconds and ready. Drowning is not likely to make it. Another backpack to it very much. Hardly help but buy. High-quality thing! "(Http://

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