The new machining center ISF 1200-2 factory installed Zarema (Adygea))

As part of the program technical re- (The plant is a member of Russian manufacturers of Association of Engineering Technology) In the enterprise, "Zarema" is installation and commissioning New machining center ISF 1200-2 Ivanovsky production plant of heavy machine tools.

The new machine will increase the precision machining of complex body parts for production gear, and having a store of 50 sideshift layout tools and increase its productivity by 3-4 times.

  • ISF 1200-2
  • ISF 1200-2

Information about the company:

Maikop Gear Works "Zarema" Technology Park is equipped with the full production cycle gears of varying degrees of difficulty. Used in the production of the most modern equipment, both foreign (eg Hefler, LEADWAY, MANFORD), and domestic producers (eg horizontal machining centers IZTM ISF-1250 and TS-1400 IZTM). 

"Zarema" constantly upgrade their production, to achieve a better quality.

As part of the plant is a special design engineering bureau "Gear" and a test laboratory accredited by State Standard of the Russian Federation. All Serial Gear "Zarema" a two-year warranty.

Prospects and achievements

35 years of experience in drive technology allows you to create competitive gearboxes and geared motors. Considering the needs of the market, in recent years the company has mastered the following technological and design stages:

  • Making chevron gears with involute cemented polished teeth for high-speed and heavy-duty gearboxes.
  • Mastered high-precision processing equipment, equipment, controls, ensuring production of gear pairs 6-7th kinematic degrees of accuracy.
  • Production of bevel gears with straight and circular teeth.
  • Design and manufacture of the gearbox housing with the spatial arrangement of trees and with a minimum of side covers.
  • Production of welded and litosvarnyh GEARCASE special individual order sizes with sumarno spacing of low-speed stage up to 2900 mm and more.
  • The technique of rational design of two-, three-stage gear and more with the specific consumption of materials at the level of the best foreign analogues.
  • Perform calculations, working drawings, text, design and technical documentation with the help of modern computer technology.
  • The scientific-research and experimental development (R & D) to create a heavy-duty low-noise reducers, gear design elements of rational design.

The company has a testing laboratory that provides full-scale tests of all types and sizes of produced gears.

Maikop Gear Works has the expertise of designers and engineers, and has a universal production base, which provides the ability to design, manufacture and testing of competitive mechanical and electromechanical actuators for various purposes.

Photo gallery of the plant:

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