The new material FibARM Resin is used for the reconstruction of

A month ago, holding "Composite"Has launched a binder FibARM Resin 230, which has already been publication in sdelanounas.  Over the past month, a new product has been used in the units of "Sberbank of Russia" in the Urals. 

In the nationwide re-branding of the Savings Bank in Magnitogorsk during June were reconstructed four branches of the bank. Regional offices be equipped with modern facilities: safe deposit facilities, ATMs and ramps. Setting the multi-ton equipment has created a substantial burden on the boards and joists.

The reconstruction was decided to use a system of external reinforcement, developed by the holding "Composite". Carbon tape FibARM Tape and two-component epoxy FibARM Resin 230 to impregnate the reinforcement of external systems compensated for the increased load on building structures. Work on site took less than a day, and the bearing capacity of structures at the same time increased significantly.


According to the head of the company "Ural-Composite" which carried out repair work at the facilities of the Savings Bank, Maxim Kalimullina, "Efficacy of the solution is proved by tests in Magnitogorsk State Technical University". Kalimullin noted that "among the priorities except feasibility, special attention is paid to the production speed and durability of solutions: "In terms of the decision on the basis of the products of the holding" Composite "out of competition".

"The system FibARM to work much. First, his versatility. Secondly, in my opinion, the resin flow and good correlation thixotropic, avoiding streaks and unevenness when laminated carbon canvas ", — Assured Kalimullin.


The reinforcement system is designed for the repair and strengthening of building structures in order to eliminate the consequences of the destruction of concrete and reinforcement corrosion due to prolonged exposure to the elements and hostile environments in the operation of buildings.

The technology allows to eliminate design errors or execution of works to increase the carrying capacity of structures with an increase in design loads, as well as eliminate the effects of damage to the load-bearing structures encountered during the operation.

The reinforcement system is easy to use, requires no increase in labor costs, attract lifting equipment, greatly reduces the time of work, and also helps reduce repair costs.  

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