The new milk processing plant started in Shatura district of Moscow region

Agro-industrial complex "Shatursky" launched a new dairy plant. As long as it works only in the adjustment mode, now driven around and brought to perfection the new equipment — a more powerful, modern and efficient than existing in the old shop. Milk, which produces agricultural enterprise, you can now buy in a regular plastic bag, and the bag with a screw cap.

The obvious advantages of the new production — a high level of pasteurization and rapid cooling mode, allowing you to increase the shelf life of milk from the usual three to seven days, and sometimes up to ten — provided that commercial enterprises will learn to observe precisely the temperature regime. Workers molokotseha performed quality control and the level of acidity of the finished product, and the storage of milk in the fridge does not spoil the whole regulatory period.

In addition, the new equipment allows the homogenization of the product, during which the fat globules are broken, and as a result they do not get together and defended build-up on the inner walls of the package.

Gradually, all the milk production will be transferred to the new molokotseh, and the old will only produce lactic acid production.

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