The new mining complex was opened in the Kuzbass

The new mining complex cut "Berezovsky" has opened in the area Prokopyevsky Kemerovo region. The main object — the enrichment plant — the only one in the Kuzbass will be processed and the energy and coking coal. Industrial reserves of coal, "Berezovsky" make up 128 million tons, 70% of them — coke, 30% — energy.

In the factory installed both Russian and foreign equipment, can reach a maximum depth of enrichment (0mm.) with minimal impact on the environment. Innovative solution for domestic coal preparation plants, was the use of flotation concentrate dewatering of two Austrian Hyperbar filters «Andritz», a total area of 240 square meters. Filters allow for moisture concentrate not exceeding 8.7%.

In the factory, there are two warehouses marketable products. This outdoor storage of concentrate volume of 25 thousand tons for the class of 50-200 mm, and covered warehouse concentrate of 31.5 tons for Class 0-50 mm. — Today he is one of the largest in the Kuzbass. On the "Matyushinskoy" introduced a system of operational dispatch management, providing the work factory in automatic mode, which will facilitate the work of staff, reduce operating costs and improve safety.

Near the mountain-processing complex was built railway station Bereza, which is designed for the shipment of 4.5 million tons of coal a year. At the station there is a loading and receiving-parks, which allows in situ to form heavier trains, carrying up to 5,000 tons, and provide direct transportation of coal to consumers.

Stable operation of all ground objects provides own boiler, capacity of 21 MW. Modular electrical substation 35/6 kV is intended to service the whole section. This facility is equipped with modern, highly reliable and low-maintenance equipment, automation systems, life support and security.

Start the complex will create 426 new high-paying jobs (The average wage level — 30 thousand rubles.). Additional tax revenues to the budgets of all levels will amount to 1.6 billion rubles a year.






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