The new missile will replace the nameless yars and compactor Topol-M

In Russia tested a new ballistic missile fuel

The Strategic Rocket Forces have experienced in solid-fuel ballistic missile on Wednesday the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology (MIT), which were used in the design elements of the latest missile system PC-24 "Yars" (built on the base of the rocket, "Topol-M" RS-12M2).

According to "Izvestia" a source in the military-industrial complex, with time a new missile system can replace the "Yarsy" and "Poplars", although structural differences from them had significant.

— Launch another, it is more "Yarsa", and the difference can be seen with the naked eye. She has a different diameter, the other mass. At the same time, and some elements of the system have been borrowed from "Yarsa", — said the "Izvestia", stressing that the parameters of the rocket, including the title, are classified as at least the next six months.

According to the representative of the defense industry, especially for the new rocket in Belarus has developed a new wheel chassis. It differs from MZKT-79221, which is based on "Yars" and "Topol-M", although also released at the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant. What is the difference did not specify the source, citing the secrecy of data.

According to the number of axles or wheel size can calculate the weight of the rocket, and knowing the weight — its characteristics, — said the "News" the reason for the secrecy.

But the main difference inside. In the new rocket fuel is used, which is more efficient than fuel Smesov "Yarsov" and "Topol". The federal center dual-use technologies "Union", which made for a new rocket fuel, "Izvestia" explained that it is not a fundamentally different composition of substances, and improving their quality.

— Improve the parameters were achieved through modernization of production technology of fuel components and improve their quality. Sorry, no breakthrough in this direction can not be achieved now as it was at the beginning of the creation of solid fuel, so improving that is, — said the representative of the "Union", also refused to clarify the increase in power.

Now the majority of solid rocket fuel is used as the metal (aluminum, magnesium, etc.), which oxidant burns (perhlorad ammonium, ammonium dinitramide, etc.).

Former Chief of Staff of the Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation (SRF), Colonel-General Viktor Esin said "News" that due to the active site of the new fuel rocket flight will be shorter due to this it will be better able to overcome the U.S. missile defense and NATO, and can be seen in Russia as a response to the creation of a global missile defense system.

— The smaller the engine is running, the more difficult to pinpoint missile — said Esin.

He added that, based on published data, the new missile is not a breakthrough.

— This is not a breakthrough, but certainly a step forward — said Esin.

At the same time, Vladimir Dvorkin, expressed confidence that the new facility will not be a "murderer" Yarsov "and" Topol ".

— About any change, "Topol" and "Yarsa" is not out of the question. This is done besmyslenno because Poplar, yars — new missiles, and develop a replacement — is absurd. No one will change the missiles that have a very long life — expressed confidence Dworkin.

However, he added that something concrete about this missile can be said only when it will be known basic features. Dvorkin said that Russia should start parameters were transferred to the United States under the treaty on reducing strategic offensive arms (START).

Another representative of the defense industry told "Izvestia" that mass-dimensional characteristics of the new missile is almost identical to the "Topol" and "Yarsu."

— To start the Plesetsk used a little modernezirovannaya launcher from "Yarsa." In principle, the new missile is likely to be compatible with older devices, though, of course, solutions in electronics, control systems and other systems will change, and perhaps the launcher will have to significantly modify — said the "Izvestia".

In the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology (MIT), where he designed a missile, "News" reported that the development of "grifovana" and they can not talk about it until the "secret" will not be removed. The same answer and the Votkinsk Machine Building Plant, where they built the rocket itself.

— In this rocket classified even the name. It can not pronounce. But it’s not "yars" and "Vanguard" — said the representative of a company.

Earlier, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov called prospective missile being developed by MIT, "Vanguard". According to experts, it is the development of "yars" which, in turn — a direct descendant of the famous "Topol" — missiles RS-12M "Topol" and RS-12M2 "Topol-M". To similar technology is available and naval missile "Bulava", which was developed on the basis of "Topol".

According to the Strategic Missile Forces, the rocket was launched on Wednesday morning from the Baikonur Plesets and less than half an hour dummy warhead fell into a given area Kura test site in Kamchatka.

— Training combat unit arrived in a given area at the site "Kura" on the Kamchatka peninsula. The goals achieved start — told "Izvestia", the press service of the Strategic Missile Forces immediately after start-up.

According to the Strategic Rocket Forces, he primary goals and objectives of the launch were "obtaining experimental data to validate the correctness of the design adopted by the IDB scientific, technical and technological solutions," as well as "performance testing and defining the technical characteristics of systems and components" rocket.

What kind of data, which characteristics and systems referred to in the Strategic Missile Forces refused to clarify. At the same time, it noted that the new missile is created "with the maximum use of existing and development of new backlogs and technological solutions obtained in the development of missile systems 5th Generation," which confirms the data sources for the Unification of a new missile with "Yarsom" "Topol" and "Bulava".

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