The new modern production in the White Birches (Bryansk region)

June 16 opened a new production in the village. White Birch Trubchevsk Bryansk region.


The bulk of the working population works in the village of White Birches city-forming enterprise — Seletskoe wood processing plant.

At the peak of the financial crisis on the company came to serious investors who did not retreat from its plans and build a modern world-class company, and the Finnish partners equipped the production of high-tech equipment with the latest technology.


Scope of his company’s products increased compared to 2009 by 3.1 times in 4 months of this year, the company produced products worth more than 170 million rubles., Production increased more than 5 times.

Amount of investments made over a billion rubles. Output on a design capacity for 6 months. General state of technological staff of 155 people, the average wage to 14 thousand rubles.


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