The new multi-purpose rescue ship for the Northern Fleet

As previously reported, 14 years after it sank in the Barents Sea submarine "Kursk", the Russian Navy will receive advanced salvage ship.

Under construction in St. Petersburg at the Admiralty Shipyards "Igor Belousov," the first ship of Project 21300, will go to the Northern Fleet and the need for close, long-standing in the Russian Navy. The project provides the ability to interface with the submarines of any type. The ship will be able to take on board up to 60 divers for decompression, it will be equipped with a helipad, hyperbaric chambers, underwater equipment designed to operate at depths up to 700 meters, a modern deep-water rescue complex. In addition, it is reported that the ship will be equipped with modern weapons.

After a series of delays plan to pull the "Igor Belousov," the water in October 2012 and give it to the Northern Fleet in November of 2014, the newspaper "Izvestia".

"Igor Belousov," was laid in 2005, but construction has been derailed because of funding problems. At the time influenced and changed the supplier of diving equipment. Instead of the Nizhniy Novgorod CDB "Lapis" shipbuilders hired Moscow-St. Petersburg company "Tethys Pro". However, in contrast to the Nizhny Novgorod, who developed the original system rescue divers, in the "About Tethys" have serial diving equipment Scottish firm DIVEX.

"If not," "Lapis", we would have this year have taken the ship, "- said in an interview with" News "is one of the representative of the Admiralty shipyards.

"Igor Belousov" length of 107 meters and a displacement of 5000 tons will be the first search and rescue vessel to be built in Russia for more than 30 years. Vessels to be equipped with all the series of the fleet. The next most likely will go to the Pacific Fleet.

It is not known what arms will be put on trial project 21300. At the ceremony, "Igor Belousov" in 2005 to write about RIA Novosti, Russian Navy Commander Vladimir Masorin said that the ship will have the most modern weapons.

According, ship cost will be $ 100 million

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