The new multi-purpose sports complex in Lugansk


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August 15, the opening of a new multi-purpose sports complex in the "Druzhba". 

"This project was supported by the governor of Lugansk region. Approached by the representatives of the Basketball Federation with a request to build a modern basketball court sports Lugansk our young people," — said Julia Klokov, Director of the "Friendship."

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Modern playground equipped with a monolithic, seamless, waterproof coating "Alsatan MF Sport" (France) and is equipped with professional rings for basketball and streetball, surveillance cameras. For the audience, there are two stands, with capacity for 100 people each.

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Multi-sports complex involves the installation of tennis courts and an ice rink in winter.

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"Today, we know the technology, but keep in mind our weather conditions. If they will let us, we are happy, in the winter, we will transform the sports field into a skating rink," — said the director of "Druzhba".

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Fields engaged in service hotel complex, yet to play or simply work out on the court will be able to everyone for free, pre-filed a proposal to the administration of the hotel. Children under 12 years will be able to attend a basketball court accompanied by an adult.

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With the rules of the playing field and use the work schedule can be found at Online hotel complex "Friendship".

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