The new outpatient dialysis center opened in Irkutsk

More than four hundred people in the region are in need of apparatus "artificial kidney". Today, the clinic opened in Irkutsk, where such patients will be able to help. On the basis of the regional hospital outpatient dialysis center has earned. During the day it will take almost 250 patients.

The modern center of outpatient hemodialysis, which appeared on the basis of the regional hospital — an example of close cooperation between private business and government of the Irkutsk region. Patients to receive medical care here will be absolutely free. With the launch of the center completes first project in Russia to provide the population of the whole region of modern dialysis care. The clinic is fully built and equipped by private investment. It found 40 vehicles "artificial kidney". This means that every day will be able to get help 240 people.

Construction of dialysis centers is carried out in accordance with an agreement concluded in 2010 between the Government of the Irkutsk region, the Insurance Group "SOGAZ" and the company "B. Braun Avitum Russland". The first dialysis center with 12 artificial kidney, was opened in November 2011 in Irkutsk. The second center, equipped with 20 artificial kidney, opened in February of this year in Bratsk.

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