The new perinatal center started in Voronezh

The main construction works perinatal center in Voronezh completed. Contracts for the supply of medical and technological equipment, the question of equipping the center with furniture, soft items, computer equipment and software. Completed installation of medical and technological equipment.
Perinatal Center began operations on July 1.


Construction of health centers (many photos)

Recall the construction of the perinatal center began in August 2009. Earlier, the press center of the governor and the regional government reported that the center will be operational in April 2011. Corps offices surgery, generic, health clinics and nutrition unit were ready in September. Now the builders are engaged in finishing. The outside and inside of the future center workers laid tiles, plaster, paint, paving the communication.
After merging with the regional maternity hospital number of seats in the new perinatal center will increase to four. Along with construction and equipment for the construction of the center of the federal and regional budgets directed 2.5 billion.

In the perinatal center will be the most severe hospitalized as of women and newborn children from around the area. It should be noted, are born each year in the area of about 24 thousand kids, and one in three are observed pathology. Thanks to the perinatal center premature babies and infants with extremely low birth weight will have a real chance at life.

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