The new personal handheld satellite tracker

The new personal handheld satellite tracker developed and successfully
Archangel tested by "Polarmar." The new personal tracker was developed after licensing domestic provider of satellite communications, "Globalstar" of the new service — a simplex data transmission via satellite constellation "Globalstar".
Packed coordinate data from a high-sensitivity receiver
the Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS and the situation in
space from the accelerometer are transmitted in packets of 36 bytes on a computer
in the user’s office. 

Tracks the movement of the remote user
moving object by means of the monitoring software — a "thick
customer ", also developed by" Polarmar. "In
navigation data can be transmitted posts,
written to the tracker via the USB. Applied in the tracker technology
allow satellite tracker without recharging operate in
constant monitoring to 4 days depending on the frequency of treatments
communication and use AA battery. The recommended frequency
dot recording — once in 5 minutes. The power switch can significantly
extend the operating time of the battery. For carriers,
aviators, foresters, rangers, hunters, watermen, boaters, hikers,
firefighters, medics, rescue, security officials and herders
new satellite tracker — a reliable companion and savior in a situation
when need extra help where there is no connection, except
satellite. To call for help is provided and protected by an alarm button
built-in shock sensor, which let you create extraordinary
Data packets for transmitting messages in a single
emergency number 112, by e-mail or SMS.

New tracker — an economical response to domestic
Popular foreign system SPOT, not certified in Russia.

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