The new pig farm built in Novosibirsk region

Large pig farm built 14 kilometers from the camp Kolyvan’ Kolyvansky district of the Novosibirsk region. The cost of the project, implemented by OJSC "Kudryashovskoye" with the participation of the investor Ltd. "ByaboutPOWER OFF "is 2,600 million rubles, deadline — 2011 — 2012. The total area of buildings and structures of the pig farm will be 89,750 square meters. m

The Project will increase the average number of pigs to 100 thousand units, which will allow for the designed capacity to implement up to 140 thousand heads of commercial pigs a year.

Stroitelstvoa comes in six manufacturing sites: tribal speaker, artificial insemination station, the trade loudspeaker, feedlot, quarantined, transshipment point feed.

Near the house is already preparing ground for the construction of housing for future employees. It is planned that there will be work for about 250 people.

To date, the site is completed set of preparatory work done piling, commenced construction works for the collection of metal and concrete structures, are delivered to the construction site aggregates.

On the farm will be used the most advanced equipment and technology, which will significantly increase the intensity of the production process.

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