The new plant in the SEZ Dubna started production of carbon grids

April 25, 2013 by "Prepreg-Dubna", the new venture holding company "Composite" in a special economic zone "Dubna", started production of the first batch of carbon grids for construction.

As the executive director of "prepreg-Dubna" Tatiana Ivanova, April 25 is the day you can start a new production in the Special Economic Zone "Dubna". The plant was built in record time — less than a year.

Weaving machines at the production site of the SEZ area number 2 (site of nuclear physics and nanotechnology) received two weeks ago. During this time, it was possible not only to collect and fill them, but also to start the production process. 

"Today, we launched the first batch of products — carbon grids and carbon fabrics, — says Tatiana Ivanova. — The new production is fully loaded before the end of the year. It will be made carbon tape FibARM Tape 530/300, carbon mesh FibARM Grid-600/1000 for construction purposes, as well as the program will be implemented for the development of new textile structures. "

Carbon tape FibARM Tape 530/300 are used for the repair and strengthening of building structures. The reinforcement system of carbon fiber designed to repair and strengthen the supporting structures of buildings in order to eliminate the consequences of the destruction of concrete and reinforcement corrosion due to prolonged exposure to the elements and hostile environments in the operation of buildings.

During the construction and operation of The reinforcement system can eliminate design errors or execution of the work, increase the carrying capacity of structures with an increase in design loads, as well as eliminate the effects of damage to the load-bearing structures encountered during the operation.

The reinforcement system extremely easy to use. The technique involves gluing materials with high surface amplified construction with epoxy compounds. The advantages of using an external reinforcement systems are obvious. It is, first of all, reducing time and labor costs. In strengthening the external reinforcement system does not require any additional cumbersome equipment. The work can be carried out without stopping the operation of buildings.

Carbon cloth are composed of a composite material. Due to its unique characteristics, low weight and incredible strength, they demand in various industries: aviation, rocketry, shipbuilding, automotive, construction.

As expected, the grand opening of the new plant "Prepreg-Dubna" will take place at the end of May — beginning of June this year. At the "Prepreg-Dubna" is expected to start commercial batches carbon fabrics, meshes, and non-woven products.

Information and photos of the press-service of JSC "SEZ" Dubna "



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